Raven software to be liquidated?

So I wanted to take a look at raven software site today, well their certificate expired.

They haven't made any new game since Singularity in 2010.
(they did make some Call of Duty, but i won't even call it new game anymore... as its practically a mod...)

I have strange feeling those great dev's will be liquidated by Activision very soon.
What are your opinions on this?

Still there was one very hopeful tweet (but April 1's fools day...)

basically about Heretic if some of you remembers.

I mailed them half a year ago about their lack of new content (didn't get any response whatsoever)

Wrote wrong owner company [wrote EA, is Activision], sorry about that.

"and nothing of value was lost"

Well, first of IDK why you're throwing EA under the bus here. Raven is a subsidiary of Activision. Not EA.

But if they are being axed I'm not surprised and I don't really care tbh. Great developer? Really? Pretty much every title they have made is mediocre. Maybe this will spur the good people there to go work for better companies and make better titles.

Sorry about EA, meant Activision. My mistake.

I don't agree of one the best games made FPS were made by them, and ID Software. They certainly were not mediocre. Their games are special, and stand out. (except the cod franchise sh*t)

What game was that? Quake 4?

Meh. I looked at all the titles they made. All mediocre IMO. But you're entitled to your opinion.

Maybe you prefer different type of games, but in FPS world they are one of the best. (if you dislike that type of games then not sure how your opinion is critical of stating "and nothing of value was lost")

They've made a lot of great games, regardless of what reviewers, or kids remember of them.

Heretic & Hexen
Soldier of Fortune
Jedi Knight Outcast and Academy
Wolfenstein 2009 (it has low scores but quality as FPS is great)
Quake 4 (its ok, wasn't that great - but still is a good game - it had very high pitch set by ID software after Quake 2)

I wouldn't say most of their titles were generation defining but their Jedi knight games were fun back in the day although I struggle to replay them now. I always remember Jedi Outcast being a more challenging game with ridiculously hard (and illogical) puzzles but Jedi Academy being way easier but generally more fun.

Quake 4 was also ok although I never got around to finishing it due to losing a save game.

Oh I believe that they have been working on some of the 'COD' games. Whilst they milk the 'COD' cow they will have work.

I replayed Hexen not too long ago. I had almost forgotten how awesome that game was.

Raven Software had done a lot of "nifty touches" to games and engines that helped further the game industry in subtle ways. Hexen I don't remember the list of improvements that Hexen brought to the "2.5D" FPS genre, but I do remember that it brought about the HUB-system for map and level design. If I recall correctly, Hexen took the DOOM engine as far as it could go.

Similarly, Soldier of Fortune had locational damage, and otherwise made shooting polygons make it seen not quite so...