Rate this build?

So this is the build I am getting for christmas. I'd like some opinions on it please.

If anyone knows of a cheaper GPU I could get that could max BF3 with minimum 40 fps let me know.


The MOBO I got for $50

The PSU I got for $30

For gaming, this is build will do just fine. But you are missing a HDD or SSD.

Unless you have some HDD's or SSD's at home you will need those, and I would get some sort of CPU cooler, if you want to go cheap get the EVO if you want a decent self contained liquid loop try the corsair H80, other than that great part selection and it looks well.

Im getting the Hyper 212, also I have a 1 tb caviar green that will do for now. No cheaper GPU's that can max BF3 at 40 fps though? I'd love to spend less if I can get that performance.

I'd stick with the 7870 just to make sure you have some head room for future games too you know? As far as the vendor HIS goes I've never used on of their cards before so I can't really speak to much on the quality and performance of their cards. I'll recomend ASUS XFX MSI and meh EVGA as good card vendors if you can find a 7870 by them with the same price point. edit: but hopefully a few others add their POV too because I'm heading to bed for the night, good luck with the system!



actually, the his 7870 was reviewed by logan, gave it pretty good review

Welp there you go, a review, I'm off to bed, have fun with the build sir, post it on the thread when you're finished!

7870 is good enough, don;t cheap out on the GPU