Rate this build and suggest AMD alternative

A friend of mine has asked me if I can come up with a build for him to use as a "steam machine" after he saw the CES coverage of them and this is what I've come up with


Can anyone give me suggestions that would be better or any ways to save a little money on it. The only thing that really has to stay is the case.

I'm also thinking of suggesting an AMD version as they tend to be a little more cost effective but I'm in the Intel/Nvidia camp so I'm lost when it comes to all things AMD. Could anyone suggest parts for something which would perform to a similar level as my original build idea?

seems like a valid build this would be fast realy fast and this would be a fast windows machine too

 this would be a system with amd  (don't mind the notification on top of partpicker with te bios update thingie i am using a vishera with this motherboard too no problems)


i wish you luck


Change that mobo to a Asus 97 EVO.Better board.

Why a 6350 and not a 6300? Is there a noticeable difference?

I believe that the OP is going for a mini-itx build.

What's your friends budget?


here is the mini ITX build for AMD alternative. more ram included with a decent SSD for boot and some games, you can add another 2.5" drive for extra storage. note a full set of ram has faster preference than 1 single stick will ever have. however, you can swap out the GTX card for an amd R9 270x or a 7850 ghz addition in place of the 760