Rate my pc

Hey guys, I have my first build right here and i was wondering if someone wanted to rate it out of 10 ?(10 being supercomputer and 0 being barely able to run minesweeper) also how would it run games like battlefield 4 and (ghosts should be fine) gta 4, saints row 3-4. What sorta fps should i expect (its a birthday present so I'm only aloud to start building it in 2 weeks) I would like to play at minimum 30fps, do you recon this could handle 30fps at high or ultra? (maybe medium with aa)

Cpu - Intel core i3 3240

MotherBoard - ASrock b75m r20 (mini atx i think)

Gpu -  Radeon HD 7850 2gb gddr5 (gamers edition)

Ram - 8gb of corsair vengeance ram 1600mhz (1.5v)

psu - corsair vs650

Hdd - 1 tb western digital blue (7200rpm)

case - cooler master 431 elite plus

monitor (not that it would matter but just incase) - 31.5 " hd led lcd tv (works as a monitor...i think)

I'm pretty sure thats its, also I'm going to see if i can use my mums windows 7 product key to download a copy of windows 7 home premium which shall be quite lovely. hahaha i can't believe i forgot to put down the build before

Thanks in advance

I would be happy to critique you build were you to actually post it.

hahha just realised that, its why i came back. thats so funny hahaha updated

4/10, will play games adequately on medium.


and if i was to next year get an i5 2500k and a good cooler, what that improve the build a lot  or not so much? what do you mean by adequate, like 50fps?

PC is reasonably good, CPU is a bit weak but that isn't that bad since the GPU is the main component for gaming. Unfortunately I believe the B75 chipset is not so good interms of feature sets, I seem to remember something like you can't overclock on it. 7850 is reasonable.

amd fx 4350/10

and yes that is actually how i rate computers

Adequate, as far as I'm concerned, is 30 FPS at 1080p.

As for rating, probably something like a 6/10 for a gaming computer. Nothing blazing fast, but should get the job done fairly well. I haven't played most of those games, but I have played SR3, and that system should be able to at least 30 FPS at 1080p on high settings, if not maxed out.

EDIT: The biggest "issue" would be your processor. i3 CPUs aren't all that great for gaming, but if you already have it than I would suggest just trying it out and seeing what happens. Everything else seems fine.

what is the best cpu for gaming that is socket 1155? i might upgrade in a year or 2.

The sweet spot for 1155 cpus would be any of the i5s. Probably should opt for a 3570 or 3470,  keep in mind that you cant use any 'k' processors (i5 3570k) as your motherboard doesn't support overclocking to the same extent that a z77 motherboard would.

Just a note, i5s usually perform around the same as i7s in terms of gaming.  i7s support hyperthreading, so unless you think you'll be doing video editing, rendering etc. an i5 is more than sufficient.

1 oUt of 5 no real PC


will be doing (most likely) after effects editing. so i should probably save up and get an i7. ill do some research now. (but then again if i find an i7 1150 for cheap I'm just gonna get a better mobo as well) doesn't really matter for the time being haha in a year or two there will be better things out most likely