Rate My GPU

Ok, I know I have a shitty ass GPU, but I want to know how you guys rate it.

1: I'd rather kill myself than have that

10: I'd sell my family to get that GPU.

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 4200. 128mb, 400MHz, 128mb bus, and 40 Stream Processors


Rating seems a little silly. If you want to post your system specification, system uses, and maybe a budget, I could suggest a way to go.

If the 4200 meets your needs, ratings are a meaningless.

My system specs are on my profile if you want to see them..

And no, the 4200 doesn't meet my needs.

I'd invest in a 7770, to bring it up to gaming specification. It's a pretty inexpensive card

I'm thinking about getting a 660, just for the Borderlands 2 and other PhysX games. I also plan on getting an Nvidia Shield, main reason I plan to get an Nvidia card.

With a system like this, Physx is going to be more of a performance hit than it is worth. Some people might offer more accurate advice than what I have to say.

Personally, I wouldn't spend too much on the GPU, because the system is a little weak. You don't want to pair a reasonably good GPU with too low a CPU. Better to build a balanced system. It's the same reason I wouldn't place a Titan with an i3, for example. The CPU would just bottleneck, and thus, you won't get the value/performance of the card. Don't worry, you can start gaming, I just don't have particularly high expectations for the platform. Just get a capable GPU, then look to overhaul your system at a later time.

Ok, will do.

Oh, and what do you recommend for me to get for a CPU? I have about $120 willing to spend on it.

0/10 ancient, low-end

$1000 computer from '09 by Dell. Don't ask why my mom is stupid..

The Athlon paired with the 7770 or 7790 will allow you to have a lot of fun. They even come with some AAA games, like Far Cry 3, for example.

I wouldn't spend money on the CPU. Your system is largely in need of an overhaul. New mobo, cpu, psu, new case. You're better off buying a new gpu, and saving the rest of your money. I promise you will not be disappointed with the 7770 - '90. You'll play any game on low-medium (possibly high, depending on the game) at 1080p resolution.

Respect your mother


Check out the previous post. Your budget will cover the card. Enjoy

As for now, my Mobo is fine... I don't need to overclock yet and only need one 16x PCI-e slot...

CPU is meh... it'll help by a little

I definitely need a new case, terrible airflow and ugly design... (not to mention the Dell logo)

GPU is completely needed

I'll need a new PSU to power the GPU...

Oh, and I play at 1600x900, which is a terribly ugly, resolution.

ya my freind has a hp similar to this one and all he did was add a 7770 and he plays most games on high settings

Is this a good upgrade? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/13qz1

EDIT: New link: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/13ts8

Check the motherboard specs to make sure it is an ATX board, Dell likes to use BTX and BTX-E in desktop PC's, which have completely different mounting locations and in some models are different sizes.

Other than that, if you just need to do gaming on a budget the 7770 works fine. Of course people are always bent on the newest thing, so this is where I tell people to not overlook last-gen parts. Something like a GTX 460 or a Radeon HD 6850 will fit the same performance slot (or even be more powerful in some cases) as the 7770. Sure they'll be used, but that's not always a bad thing.

On the topic of used parts, if you need a more powerful CPU scan eBay for an Athlon II X4 640. It'll be a bit faster CPU than what you have, and shouldn't push the power limits of the motherboard you have.


I wouldn't kill myself over a GPU... But it's pretty damn close to!

Instead of Athlon you can get the AMD Phenom x4 Black Edition for about $99 from amazon with Berserker's recommended Radeon HD 7770.