Rate My Build/Updates

FX-6300 Black Edition

Radeon HD 7770 1GB HIS Edition

2x4GB G.Skill RipJaws

Rosewill CAPSTONE Series CAPSTONE-550-M 550W

AsRock 970 Extreme3 AM3+

MSI Barricade ATX Case


Could you guys please rate my build? I've had it for about two months and it's been fantastic so far. But I have a few questions regarding the longevity of the parts...

#1: the 7770 is a bit weak (do you guys think so?), it plays my current games just fine but I"ll admit: I REEEALLY cheaped out.

Would you guys reccomend picking up another one and running crossfile? 

I can't sell my current 7770 because of "reasons".

Should I pick another one up and crossfire it or is the 1gb vram gonna slow me down (I'll need a new PSU)

Or just wait untill I can't stand the 7770's preformance anymore/get a new card.

#2: My 6300 has been using it's stock cooler (don't give me that look)

I've done no overclocking, when should i pick up a real cooler?

#3 A bit random: the audio out jack on the front of my case is acting funny, what should i do to replace it? I don't want to get a  new case over something so small.

THANK YOU if you reply! 

Not sure about replacing or fixing your problem with your audio jack but your case, cpu, mobo and ram all look legit. I would say you definitely should either get a better GPU and use the one you are using now on another build later. The Asus 7770 2GB version is right under $150 right now. And I've seen the FX series stock coolers and those things look really good, so don't feel bad there. Whenever you feel like you are ready to push your cpu seriously that's when I think you should get a new cooler. Nice build overall. 

The 7770 is weak at 1080p, i own one, some games will need settings all on low to run (FC3)

But BF3 can run nicely at medium to high mixed settings at 1080p.


I really recommend pushing for a 7850 1GB.

I really recommend waiting until you can afford a Radeon 7870 XT. It is a huge improvement and costs roughly $240.

Would another 2gb 7770 really solve the vram problem?

7770 2GB is useless, as is the 7850 2GB, none of them have the GPU power to even use 2GB properly.


I just feel its a much better card right now. IMO I wouldn't get a card less than 2GB from here on out. But if it works for you it works.