Rate my build please! 1-10 for gaming



Thanks Guys!!!

Update!! Instead of the i7-2700k, I am gonna get the i5-3570k! That is the one update. Thanks

8. Reasons in the following( but only if you haven't already bought the parts)

The 2700K is a waste for gaming( why the hell did you pair it up with a 212?). If it we're me, I'd get a 3570K. And with the money, I'd buy a Noctua NH-D14( if you plan on overclocking, if not, it's pretty much a waste of money)

I'd choose the 7970 over the 680. It's faster IMO, an it has 3GBs of ram( great if you plan on doing multiple monitors)

The only benefit of SSDs in gaming is faster load times. A waste IMO.

Never ever get a Coolmax PSU( or raidmax). Even if its a 900W 80+ bronze one for $90. Get something like XFX, SeaSonic, Corsair or Antec, if you don't want to fry your components.

If you're asking for gaming performance: 10

8.5 Because of the 680. I'd get a Twin Frozr non-reference card because we all know they are some of the best non-reference graphics cooling solution fans on the market. 

^^^^ that, or sapphire

8.5 Because: with the money you save getting an i5 3570k, you could buy a nicer air-cooler, like the Noctua NH-D14; You could also save some money by getting a 7970 and overclocking it to match the 680; and finally, you really don't need a 900w PSU, 750w should be plenty, and leaves plenty of room for a 2nd 7970. I'd suggest getting a well known brand, like Seasonic, so that you can be certain you won't fry your components.