Rate My $600- Budget Build

Hey Guys, Jackson here.  I have finalized the specs that i want for my budget gaming computer.  Now what i need from you guys is your opinion on the build that I have created.





New build is http://pcpartpicker.com/p/poqJ

with http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150617   For the video card..

If I were you I would go for a 7850 card. It will cost a bit less and have better performance.

WAIT SORRY. I thought I saw a NVIDIA card in the part picker. Just woke up sorry, but good choice.

... I feel even worse I reloaded the page and acually clicked on micknuggets post and saw the 7850, but ya go for the 7850.

Why is the 7580 cheaper if its better? any idea?

And does the motherboard i chose have enough pci slots for the 7850?

and just me i would go with the md fx 4300 or the 6300 for $10 more

why is that?

The series of AM3+ socket CPU's PileDriver has two of each coreage, the higher the number after the FX- the better the CPU (either the coreage will change with the thousand's, or the multiplier/unlock will change with the hundred's) The 6300 is unlocked and has 6 cores, the 4300 is unlocked and has 4 cores- your original choice doesn't cost much less and yet isn't unlocked, and has only 4 cores

i would go for the new fx 6300 or the 4300 because it is newer and if you ant to do any editing and it will last longer because eventually gmes will use 6 cores

i agree go with the fx 6300

The amd chips have been going down in price that is why the amd GPU's are cheaper than NVIDIA GPU's

ill go with the 4300 because i dont want to go to over budget-- should last a while anyways gaming wont use 6 cores for a while

Also, has anyone pirated their windows 7? or did everyone buy it?  My friend says I should pirate it

Try This. I went a little over budget. But it's a lot faster.



the build that jn did is really good but for $10 go with the 6300