Rasperry pi project thoughts?


excuse my spelling rasperry pi will probably be spelled wrong the whole way through this post but i have a fun project i want to put forward 

you guys talk about the pi all the time and i did some research and now i really want one!

i was thinking on htings i could use it for and i thought of getting a gameboy case a lcd screen and a pi and make a portable game emulator 

i have little  experience with circuits so i want to know how easy it will be to pull this off.

what do you guys think about the idea.



Just buy a kit plus a few books / ebooks, a soldering iron, good working lamp. and get exploring mate. You'll have a load of fun and learn a shiiiite load about how things work. This website >>hackaday<<<  has some really cool projects one can build. Even creating a compact XMBC unit it fun. You imagination is the only limit.

Hope you have fun with it pal.