Raspberry Pi VNCclient

My mom needs a pc.
she said i could build her one, but i was thinking i have a raspberry pi 3, i could use that.
Previously I had set it up for her to run chromium, but it was really sluggish and hoards ram, visual artifacts appear
So, instead, what is the best way to set up a linux vnc she could login to my server pc, using a separate graphical enviornment?

On my RP I'm using RealVNC, just like recommended and on my Ubuntu notebook I'm using the default vino-vnc. Both work fine for me, on vino-vnc you'd have to change some settings in order to create a different desktop for her. On the other hand, I she has a seperate user account, this probably will be done automatically.

yeah, specifically i want it so that it just runs in the background and never interferes with the local xserver.


IMHO, RDP is best option if you're using Windoze