Raspberry Pi performance?

Hello everyone! I'm planning on getting a raspberry pi for an old CRT and I'm curious about the raspberry pi's performance. 

What I mean by that is, can it play YouTube videos at 720p with no lag at all? Can it also have multiple tabs open at once? I really wanna know. Pre thanks to everyone who replies. 

From my understanding its a pretty basic computer and can handle 1080p. The only thing that should stop you from watching 720p things from youtube is your internet connection.
If you want some system specs, I found some on wikipedia, I know wikipedia isnt the best place, but its all I could find and it seems accurate.


It has basic web browsing and multimedia capabilities.  It'll handle HD video and multiple tabs (within reason).  It's not going to be super responsive, even in a very lightweight linux environment, but it works perfectly well.

The pi has similar performance as a pentium 1. It struggles with web browsing and is not optimal for video browsing. It will do it but it will take its time.

Well, now I know what to expect: a decent experience which may be slow. Thanks everyone! :D

You're not going to be able to view youtube videos in the same manner that you're accustomed to, you can't get flash on the Pi, and even if you could, I doubt it would have the horsepower to handle it. Watching videos on the Pi is possible, but it takes a little bit of work.


Raspbmc with the YouTube addon. Streams at 720p.