Raspberry Pi (or similar) + PFsense?

Hey all,

Home router has been giving me shit for a while now.

I recently saw your PFsense video, and I really like the idea and functionality. But I really don't think even a mini-itx computer will fit where I'd like to put the router. It does need wireless functionality, and the ability to cache websites would be awesome.

I would just like to know if this would even be viable on a Raspberry Pi or a similar device.

Side note: Also would like to find a Raspberry Pi-like device for a HTPC. Mostly for my parents so they can watch Netflix. Can you recommend a device and an operating system for this?



I wouldn't mind using my Raspberry Pi for this as well however it only has one network RJ45 port so you have to basically set it as a gateway to forward all packets it receives on to a WAN router (i.e. tradtional router).

for the htpc, get a boxee tv NOT BOXEE BOX it will pick up tv off included antennna or cable, watch netflix (3 months free gift code included), youtube, vudu, pandora, spotify etc and even play movies from external hdd or flashdrive for only $79.99. Note that it runs off of linux and has little dev suport, but if you are hard core like dj hanzel you can compile your own builds of ubuntu etc for it.

due also note that the $79.99 price is only at walmart the dvr service no longer is supported and that it needs some cooling modifications, many reviews flame it for crashing but it was fixed in an update about 6 months ago








as for the rpi router, it would be slow as all hell
but for a router with as many options as pf sense go with any of these:


of course youll have to flash new firmware but thats as easy as installing steam

I do currently have a USB Asus N66 that is currently replacing my "stock" ATT Netgear modem+router for wireless only. Basically the wireless on the router is halfway shot, so wired LAN -> laptop -> Wifi is what I'm doing now.

Any idea if I could use the RPi or like to basically replace my laptop?

Latency isn't particularly an issue, since the only things using wifi will be tablets/phones/sister's laptop, none of which require a low ping.


The R-PI does not support Netflix native.  You have to run a pc and stream to xbmc running on the r-pi.

I bought this router and it periodically goes on sale for $20 and there was a sale where it was $10.  It works wonders and I have had it for several months.  High level encryption for a cheep router and it has the QOS and just about as many features of a higher priced router.  I plugged it in and was back on the internet in a couple of minutes.