Raspberry Pi, OpenHab and Mosquitto

I am trying to use Mosquitto to communicate between 2 Raspberry Pi's, and then displaying a temperature value in Openhab.

I have the first Pi with a temperature sensor publishing the temperature information as topic via a cron.

On the second Pi I can subscribe to the subject in the terminal and receive the data from the first Pi till I stop the process, so I know that Mosquitto is working. The issue comes when I try and use the binding in Openhab.

in the addons directory I have the file org.openhab.binding.mqtt-1.7.0.jar

in my openhab.cfg file I have added
mqtt:mymosquitto.url=tcp://xxx.xxx.x.x:1883 (where xxx.xxx.x.x is the ip to the first Pi)
searching on google seems to confirn that this is the correct syntax

in my items config I have:

Number TestTemperature "Temperature [%.1f C]" (RM_Living) {mqtt="<[mymosquitto:home/temperature:state:default]"}

and in the sitemap files I have:

Frame label="Temperature" {
Text item=TestTemperature

Every things as per the examples I have found online, but I get no information displayed.

Has any one managed to get a similar setup working?
Or can any one spot any errors in my setup?

Issue resolved I had a typo in the openhab.cfg file