Raspberry Pi, but actually Good ™

I haven’t tried on a modern pi to see if it’s any different. Mine was the og single core.

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this was the pi 3


yeah they’re really disappointing for every proposed use case.

unless you want to teach your kid to grow up hating linux by giving it to them as their school computer i guess.

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Work pretty good as an octoprint server. Did some time lapse stuff. That’s about all I use it for now. Was going to do a emulator rig but then I just found everything for x86 was just better running.

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thats the thing though right

you can drive a 3d printer with an mcu that costs like a nickel

and now we have access to 35 dollar x86 SBCs

and yeah retropie is dogshit on rpi 3 if you want anything past sega genesis or later MAME/jamma stuff

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Well it doesn’t really drive it though, it merely offers a networked solution so I can access it, watch what it’s doing, and upload files to be printed. There’s other neat tricks it does but I don’t use them.


oh word. glad you found a use for one where it didn’t completely fall apart.

I couldn’t in years of arm sbc ownership.

Don’t tell the boss man, but the company website is being hosted on one too. WordPress on a pi lul.

I have uses for them, but admittedly few and far between.

I think my main problem is, I press one into use on something, and every time, 1 of 2 things happens:

  • it works, but then I realize I can do the same thing with a few discrete transistors and a potentiometer, or a microcontroller and a few LEDs

  • it crashes itself trying to do anything past the bare minimum and I just offload yet another task to my pfsense box, my NAS or my server.

which begs the question, why even start with the pi if it isnt fit for purpose as an actual computer outside of pocket calculator, bargain basement network switch stuff?

Gotta shill hard to earn that pay.


Same, tfw you have 2 Pi’s but run pihole on your Linux server anyway.

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they just aint trustworthy in 24/7 use. you end up having to reboot them more often than that buffalo A/B/G router you stole from work in 2003


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32 bit windows 10 runs well enough on 2 gigs of ram for most basic everyday tasks.


vs nothing working well enough on any gigs of ram on an rpi for any day tasks. HEYOOOO

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I just happen to have an Asus 10.1 inch tablet with 32bit windows 10. It does pretty well once you strip the bloat down as much as you can. :slight_smile:

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I have ran FreeBSD on both Pi 2s and 3s never had any issues. This is interesting though.

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oh? what for? genuinely curious if you dont mind sharing.

I run freebsdBSD or an appliance derivative thereof on most of my headless stuff and I’ve never had a use case where it made more sense to run something on a raspi instead of doing it on those because of the flexibility in networking afforded by jails and pf.

I normally use them for self hosted web apps for personal use. I have also used them for MC severs.

And the most common thing I use them for is as a SSH box. Set up tmux so I don’t loose my spot on what I was doing.