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Raspberry Pi, but actually Good ™


Lmao. Or so you heard >_>

I’ve heard of embedded systems being used as a networking or middleware component. Have you experienced success with this? The discussion in this thread seems to indicate no in the context of Pi lol, but I didn’t know if you had used other platforms



I’ve had a latte panda work well, as well as an UP board. more expensive but they’re what makes me interested in this thing (the atomic pi.) The Rpi is bad for anything traffic intensive because of the way it shares bandwidth between the nic and the usb host hub, even if they dont crash on you at the slightest hint of traffic.

Most of what I did on those got offloaded to the big pfsense box because I wanted them for htpc streaming clients, which they also do well.

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Not in my experience, in my experience an 8GB Win10 was barely chugging along. Was only using Chrome to do basic web surfing stuff, 10 tabs open at most, and even then it protested like a boss.

Granted, 64 bit Win10, but still…



Its not a desktop… you could stand to rethink resource usage and balance. You should never use chrome in such a case.



And this tpoic all ready exists…

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Only reason to run Windows 10 is as a desktop. All other purposes are pretty much useless. :slight_smile:

Anyway, after doing some more research and looking at successful RPi projects, my general impression is this.

Good at

  • Robotics (autonomous and otherwise, especially with ROS)
  • Small projects that require a UI of any kind, like bicycle computers and stuff like that
  • Unplugged units driven by battery

Less good for

Arcade machines (need a bit more power)
SOHO Servers (Can be done, but not ideal, though power consumption is awesome)
Small projects requiring little to no intelligence (Use Arduinos instead)
HTPC stuff (Hit and miss, can work depending on your use case)

Terrible at

Desktop stuff
Heavy duty servers

So yeah, I can see if your use case is one of the latter ones, then this SBC could be worth checking out. :slight_smile:

Revision: Moved HTPC up a level on request from thevillageidiot



Sounds like a hardware problem. I’ve had a 2 core 4GB Windows 10 VM for years acting as a test bench and Hyper-V controller.



Functions well enough for basic use and media streaming. I do it all the time. In fact that is what I use it for. It sits strap to my tv because I can not bare to watch cable.

I am interested in SBC that can do htpc stuff with 4 core about 1.8 with 4 gigs of ram. I also want optical, nvme support, and 5.0 BT. The Rockpi grabbed my interest but…

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Being accurate: four 1.5Ghz cores and four 2Ghz cores
It’s quite old Samsung Exynos5422 but still has a lot of potential. I do not know if I would like to use it as a desktop, but I personally use Exynos5422 + 2GB RAM as a NAS and it performs well in this role.


Atomic Pi now available on Amazon

I mean its an interesting model, sure… I might consider one. I have a pi v1 I was kinda hoping my fave arch would have an sbc, no luck so far tho. Plenty concepts.

But… Potato board? Yeah fuck it I’ll buy one of those and make it run skyrim or something similarly horrible.



I am running Open Media Vault (OMV) on a Pi3B as seen here: Building a Custom File Share

The biggest let down in my case was that I wrongly assumed I would be getting close to the 60MB/s theoretical transfer of USB 2.0. I later found out after the build I average around 6 MB/s and this is due to the limitations of the Pi.

Am I correct in reading that the Atomic Pi can handle USB 3.0? Because holy crap this will be a fantastic upgrade! (Also will be kinda peeved that I wasted $30ish on a Pi in the first place)



What in the fuck over!? $35 USD!? x86!?

throw Lubuntu or Ubuntu server on there, if you know how to work with windows you could put 7 or 10 on there and disable a bunch of stuff. i have an old Core Duo (no 2) laptop with 2gb of ram and 10 is usable. OR you a really light shell only distro like Alpine or something

EDIT: ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the photos in the getting started PDF of the connector are of the BOTTOM of the damn thing! I thought they were showing a picture of a connector on an addon card (purchased desperately) based on all the bitching i’ve seen in reviews!

This why the instructions should have shown a picture of the whole thing not just a zoom in of JUST the connector.



RPi as a NAS is the worst SBC it can be!
I recommend Odroid HC2 proper SBC for NAS.



My Odroid HC1 with the old 2.5 5400 HDD and 80% full still eats RPi as NAS. HC2 / 1 with fast HDD or SSD will easily exceed 60MB/s and approach the area of 80-90MB/s



sold out already on amazon i was eyeing it a few hours ago



Same, was just about to pop over and order some.
Sold out everywhere I checked…

Only bulk cases of 24 available :rofl:



does intel have foundries in china?



clearly they’re selling quite well