Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Serial Port to Android

Hoi Yall,
I'm trying to setup a Bluetooth serial port (rfcomm) to a android phone using a pi with Bluez package. My pi can see my phone after using hcitool hci0 piscan, then hcitool scan. Then I created the rfcomm serial port in rfcomm.conf, simple. My android can see my pi and says its under paired devices, but nothing happens when I select it in Bluetooth settings or BlueTerm. I set up a sdptool channel, but I'm not exactly sure how to use that and if I'm even paired correctly. I simply want to be able to send commands from my android via bluetooth to my pi... I need some aid, because nothing I try responds in BlueTerm, and plus I'm suspicious it's my cheap Rocketfish adapter or my cyanogenmod ROM lol. Thanks!