[RANT] wanted to share and F'D it up for all you

Just got my one+one last week and went to Tolmie peak, MT Rainier Nat. Park today and took a ton of pic and 4K video in UHD/DCI for you all. Was really looking forward to having a cold one and uploading it. Pics and video look great on the phone.

Insert head into ass jim jim.

Transferred ALL the pics and video to a sandisk two way USB/mini USB stick. Plugged it into the PC . . . nothing? No device recognition? Tried another USB port. Same nothing. Tried my MB AIR and my fossil, hockey tapped, frankin white MB. ZEEEROOO FUCKING RECOGNITION.

The stick was hot every time I ejected it but thought just let it cool till you try again. Well I think the stick is fried and all my pic are by by.

So sorry brothers and sisters. Nothing I have will even recognize the USB stick now. I did use it once for transferring music from MB to one+one. Just hard to believe it died after just one use.

Could the transfer of all the data have heated it up and fried it? It was quite a bit with several 4K videos. Each running between 30s to a minute.

I did test the phone and pic transferring with a cable instead of a stick and everything worked like butter.

So F'ing pissed at myself.

Try to have something cool for you all next week.


It doesn't work when connecting back to the OPO?

Nope. Tried it on all my devices and nothing. None with even recognize that it is there. It does get pretty hot and I am afraid I might damage something.

On my oneplus it won't even let me mount the usb stick in settings. File manager doesn't even see it when I go to usb storage. Gonna mess with it a little more. Can't believe it died though after one use. I am wondering if I did something to the disk software?

Might see if I can reformat it but I have to get it to be recognize first somehow.

Try TestDisk - I think Wendell even made a video about it.

Edit: found it!