Rant: Excited-Child-Techchannels

Maybe wrong category. If you mind mistakes in spelling/grammar/facts: I would not recommend reading past this point.

Little rant on the excited-child-tech-channels (ECTCs):
There are tech channels focused on tech. They do exiting stuff wich has practicall uses. They do not care about the brand when talking about new technologys and products. Instead they will do a seperate video to discuss pros&cons of a brand.
And we got ECTEs! Real projects ending in yellow blinking signs pointing at them. Sure setting up a server is nice but if you only hand half the pieces for the puzzle it is not informative at all. It is just fun to watch, that is it. They do not make me comment on the topic but on the video.
Excited childs are interesting. They point with their finger at something yelling wierd stuff just to calm down minutes to half and hour later. Now that you are looking into it, they go to the next thing pointing at it and yelling wierd stuff..., you got it.
Scenario: Tech-Channel is setting up servers. In the process you get two sponsorspotts making the whole thing sounding like a guy with his foot in your door trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner when he suddenly tries to get you to buy a new car. [Sorry for that wierd sentence, didn´t know how to describe it.] Back to the tech-channel. "We put in two 18 core Intel-Xeons giving us a total of 72 threads. Blablabla." Soooo, did you just try to sell me Xeons? Excited-Child goes on to set-up their new toy never telling you about it until it breaks.
We need those channels because they can react way faster to new tech. The insight isn´t that great but you know the thing exists. ECTCs fit into younger audiences beocoming more popular every day. Short videos and sometimes a little short sighted.

Boy am I done. Bye.

Are you talking about Linus? XD

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Imagine a barrel... a steady stream runs into it. Eventually, it will fill up to a point, when one last drop will break the YES I AM!