*Rant* Amazon payments requiring ID to be faxed to them

So, I was trying to attach my amazon payments account to my bank account, to do some turking, and I get an email saying that they will need a copy of my ID. Now this is understandable, however, they only allow it to be sent in via fax, siting "security reasons". I was astonished that someone as large as amazon still thinks that fax is secure. See email  excerpt below


We are writing with regards to your Amazon Payments account. It appears that your account is on hold as we have not been able to verify your account information.

In order to verify your account information, please provide the following:

-A copy of unexpired, U.S. government-issued photographic identification (driver license, ID, Passport, Green Card, etc). Please note that we do not accept temporary IDs (such as an interim Driver’s License or a Learner’s Permit).

For security reasons, we are unable to accept these documents via e-mail. If you are not able to utilize a fax machine from home, work, a library or local copy center, please know there are many online based fax services available. Many of these websites provide their services free of charge. Please use your favorite search engine to locate a service that may work best for your needs. We will send an email confirmation once your fax has been received. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for us to process your fax and provide an account update.

Please fax this documentation to our toll free fax number 1-800-887-0540. To ensure that your fax is processed in a timely manner, please be sure to include the email address associated with your Amazon Payments account.

Thank you for your compliance with our verification procedures.

Hm... Why do I doubt the legitimacy of that email... 

Contact seller support. Amazon would know better than any one if that's legit...which I kind of doubt it is.

pretty sure thats a scam since thats not an amazon phone number .. google it 


I have verified that the fax number is correct by opening a ticket through amazon payments.

Call amazon customer support and ask about it, don't want you to get scammed