RANT 7 Days to die

Refund. Nothing more. Nothing less. This game has been a disappointment Not only has this game raised half a million dollars it also charges 35 dollars a copy. Now this is without the conversion rate of Canadian to US Dollar. Now back to the topic at hand

This game is unfinished. The graphics aren't that great and the animations are terrible along with the textures. I'm going to add my two cents on this. They're are many motion capture studios to capture yourself grabbing someone, slashing, doing whatever and then you can stick it into the bloody game. Then there are hundreds of thousands of art teams around the world that could pretty up this game. But nope you guys wont even hire that.

Now updates.. This game updates horribly slow. And I barely even notice the changes if an update happens. So far this game has lack luster support from it's own devs. Guys, it's not hard to program a forging feature. It really isn't and hell, some games offer their source code and you could get idea on how to program that ♥♥♥♥ in. Jesus I took programing for 2 years and I understand how this works. I payed a premium and got screwed over.

This game is an absolute waste of money and I am still waiting on my Steam key.
I'm sorry I am so harsh but this game is a joke. 35 dollars and now a special offer for 29.97? Really... I want some kind of refund to this farce. Just my two cents, but devs. Get your ♥♥♥♥ together and get developing. So far this game is just a wave after wave zombie game with building.

Oh and now apperently you can convert your game key to a steam key... But wait... WHY WASN'T I EMAILED THIS VALUABLE INFO? It's like telling your stock holds you just spent all their money on mortar but no brick and when everyone shows up at the office one day your like "Oh hey... yeah... We put it all towards mortar but no brick... yeah .... Sorry..."

You knew this would be the case, it's on early access. Wait for it, or choose to be silent, but you are not entitled to enforce your "perfect" schedule. Just be nice and wait a while. It's not like there aren't any other games left to play.

Your right about the information of the steam key, but really I don't get your analogy...