Randomly no input response on win7

Hello everyone,


I have built my own gaming pc with 2 screens, but now after not using it for 1 week it randomly stops responding.

I am using:


Intel Pentium Dual e2200 2.20 GHz

4gb DDR2 Ram

Motherboard unknown

Nvidia gts 240

corsair cx430m


This is the case: When I start my computer everything workes fine, but after a minute of 10 the graphics card makes a lot of noise without any reason and the 2 screens go white and blue, then it turns back to where I was, when its normal again I can't use anything, the mouse and keyboard don't respond no more.

This problem started when I accepted the Nvidia update for my gts 240. (already deleted the update and everything from Nvidea and redownloaded it wich still gives me this problem).





Ps. (using my macbook to contact this forum)

sounds like you short circuited your port is it you HDMI or DVI


my ports are DVI and I am using DVI to VGA because of  the lack of HDMI or DVI screens