Randomize My IP

Is there any recommended program or way to randomize my IP address? I knew someone who did it to his computer, though I've forgotten how he did it, have been looking into it without much success. 

Use a proxy, like http://hidemyass.com/

Sounds like a IP:PORT proxie is what your looking for. 

That seems like what was going on, however he told me it was a free program he was using that was on his computer. Could have just been BSing but he said it was a government program that i could get online. Thanks for the link though, I hadn't see that one yet, may do.

He could have been talking about TOR

Just look up VPN's or virtual private networks.

you can usually run them with low encryption settings if you only want to randomize your IP.

you cannot randomize an ip address. What you're prabably talking about it masking an ip address. proxies are good, but they can still be traced, as far as i know the tor network is still infected, and a vpn is the best thing available right now. If you don't know what you're doing then use a vpn. Don't be a script kiddy.