Random Stutter In Game CS GO

So I bought a new motherboard, Asus ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0, and I experience a random freeze or stutter in counter strike go every about 2 minutes. The game runs smooth, but I am wondering If it can be motherboard related? My last motherboard (asus micro atx plus) did not have this issue.

I tried turning off turbo core, setting stock clock, trying different ram, tested my hdd's for bad sectors, making sure my power mode favors performance, and even turning off core parking. Nothing works. Maybe my PSU isn't pushing enough power?

My temperatures are fine too, on every sensor.

As for other games, I don't recognize the problem or maybe it even doesn't exist. In bf4, every 2 minutes or so I do get a cpu spike, but it doesn't seem to cause stutter, everything looks pretty smooth.

Crysis 3, smooth as butter.

The problem can be described as like a stutter that you would get from your cpu in games when streaming, and your cpu is getting overloaded, but the stutter happens every so minutes.

FX 8350

8gb Corsair Vengeance RAM

7870 sapphire ghz edition

corsair CX500

I know of three separate people and myself all have this issue, im pretty sure its just a CS:GO thing.