Random SLI and Crossfire questions

These are completely random questions and I'm just wondering if anyone knows the answers to these questions.

#1) Can you SLI a GTX 660m and a GTX 660?

#2) Can you crossfire/SLI a dual gpu card with one or two of it's single gpu versions ie: GTX 690 with GTX 680 in triple SLI or HD 7990 and two HD 7970s in quad SLI

If anyone has anyone other interesting problems that'd be pretty cool, I love learning about graphics cards and their capabilities.

The only one of these things that can be done is 7970/7990 xfire. All the other combinations are impossible.

SLI will only work with another of exactly the same card. A 680 can only SLI with another 680, and I believe only if they have the same amount of VRAM.

Crossfire works with any two GPUs with the same architecture. That is, a 7970 will crossfire with a 7970 ghz edition, 7950, 7870 XT (NOT a regular 7870), 7990, or 280X. Any combination of those cards will work with up to 4 GPUs.

Likewise, a 7870 would crossfire with a 7850 or 270X, but not a 7870 XT, 79xx, or 77xx.

Any gpu with a m behind the number is a mobile part so it would be impossible to sli/crossfire with desktop gpus.

I know that the "m" means it's a mobile GPU. With one of those weird adapters to hook up a laptop to a PCIE expansion slot, or with a thunderbolt enclosure. I was just wondering if the architectures are in any way similar, so much so that they may work together. As I know some AMD APUs can work with AMD dedicated graphics in crossfire. Just a thought.

You can not mix Nvidia GPU's they must be of the same ( different vendors are ok. ) you can mix some AMD GPU's but it will run at the speed of the slowest GPU.

That isn't really how that works... The mobile GPU is perminantly fixed to the motherboard. Those enclosures are for desktop graphics cards...

AMD APUs do work with some cards. However APUs aren't just for laptops. There are APUs for both desktops and mobile. Just because it's an APU doesn't mean it is for a laptop. 

Okay, lol. I know this must have sounded pretty stupid. It was just dumb questions I knew probably weren't true. I just thought it would be kinda interesting to think about. Not to brag or anything, but I pretty much already knew everything everyone said (safe from a few things)... So, sorry for wasting peoples time.