Random Shut Offs

So in the past 7 days my computer has randomly shut off during random tasks twice. The first time was just out of random, i wasnt doing anything on the computer at the time other than playing music. The second time i tried opening itunes and it restarted my computer. Should I be concerned? 

This could be a lot of different issues. You should always treat erratic behavior as something serious until you find out for sure it isn't. It could be something simple in the software like maybe you have power saving settings on that you don't know about? It could also be a hardware issue like overheating or a bad power supply. I know the times I've fixed random shut offs and it wasn't a software issue it was almost always a power supply going bad.

Most likely it would be your power supply failing. I had the same problem almost a year ago (random restarts, shut offs, freezing, etc.)

If you have a friend with a working power supply, or an extra laying around, borrow and test to see if that fixes the problem.

If it does, RMA your power supply or buy a replacement.

figured it out. it was overheating really bad. problem solved. dropped the overclock