Random Mouse Lag!

Hello all you sexy people at the Tek Syndicate lair,

I've had one of the strangest and most frustrating problems I've ever encountered. When I move my mouse my game lags! But only on certain games not all. I've tried different USB ports, updating and un-updating (using older) drivers, and searching for whelp everywhere. I can't find a answer that's worked yet and you guys being seemingly smart people (I'd have to meet you IRL to judge that) I have come to you with my problem. Help... before its too late... winter is coming... :).


Here's my specs...

fx 6300 @3.5ghz

8gb 1866 RAM

HD 7770 1gb

Generic dell mouse (my last one broke :( )

970 pro 3 motherboard    (I'm traveling so I can't look at the box, but I think it's called something like that.)


Thanks for the help, and as always keep that beard nice...


P.S. My name will forever be a mystery... FOREVER! :)


i hate spell check.

what games does it lag? does it lag in the desktop or web browsing? check your cpu and memory usage and see if they are high

I've checked the usage and they seem fine.

the lagging games are: L.A. Noire, Planetside 2, rising store/RO2... There's more but as I said I'm traveling so I can't think of all of them.

Games that work are: WoT, War Thunder, Arma 2, Dishonored, SH4, All the Total War games... Some more than that but I'm traveling so yeah...

Rising storm* 

spell check can die in a hole :(

hmm, weird. Do u have a different mouse to try?

does it lag when you are in the desktop or not?

(also, what fps are you getting in those games normally?)