Random Idea #1: MAC Address Being Encrypted with Wifi

Thought I would share this video. Got talking about this in my Networking class in college.

And how would this work exactly, you can still see an encrypted address and spoof that. And is this even possible in TCP/IP? Besides, there's ways to improve on your WPA2 security with other software, you shouldn't even be thinking about WEP and you should check if your router is vulnerable to the WPS thing.

Even if it would be possible and have an actual purpose, it'd probably only work on routers that would support that. So new ones (or if you can be bothered with updating firmwares, the ones where the manufacturer or custom firmware builder can be bothered to put it in). It took WEP long enough to be used, WPA2 as well. In my building there was still someone using WEP last year (which I bruteforced) and many others with WPA2 with the WPS vulnerability (which I bruteforced) and a few that didn't have the vulnerability (which I could not bruteforce and getting enough IV's was not easy because there wasn't much traffic on them, I suspect they don't actually use the wifi) (oh, and I didn't need to spoof my MAC for any of that).

If the MAC gets encrypted after the connection, you can just wait around for the connection to break off (or break it off yourself) and find out the MAC when it tries to reconnect. Then you have the MAC and the encrypted MAC, and any conversation that would have the encryption key (might have to do some decrypting on that) if it's not a fixed key.

I'm definitely not an expert, but I can't see this work very well unless all you want to do is increase the time to get hacked, but not sure if it'll even do that.

You do have some good points. When it comes to random idea's like these, I don't go into detail. I just speak what is in my head. I'm just very blunt and broad on these ideas

I think for a home user that wants to add security where its harder to hack you should look closer to what enterprises use and implement that. Limiting the access via a Mac address is not all that secure if someone really wants to get in and encrypting that is a little better. If you really want to beef up security I would suggest getting an access point with the capability of RADIUS where each person must log into the network. Without a backdoor into the router that would be hard to hack into.

I'm debating whether to do that next or not. Not many people have access points that are capable of that