Random high pitched and buzzing noise from pc

So I just built a pc, using MOBO - ASUS sabertooth 990fx r2.0, CPU - AMD fx 8350, RAM - 8gb corsair vengeance, PSU - Corsair TX750, GPU - ASUS gtx 760, SSD, HDD.. So the problem is when i move a mice or load a web, game, in game or just doing anything with pc it makes high pitched and buzzing noise that really annoys me, first i thought it's GPU so i changed it to another one but it's still making that annoying noise, i'm pretty sure sound is coming from spot where gpu is or somewhere really near it, can motherboard make that sound?

It could be the psu. The Tx series of corsairs psu's have coil whine as a general problem.

Coil whine in your gpu maybe ? Try playing with the polling rates and dpi settings on your mouse and see if it helps. Sometimes making sure your graphic drivers are updated, helps.

I tried with 3 different GPUs and nothing changed, so it can't be gpu's fault.. Anyway thanks for reply :)

Thanks Mcwopppersnaggy, it's very possible, gonna look for other psu to check.

My best bet.