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I'am spending more time looking at this WONDERFUL thread rather than doing my paper. I regret nothing.

Please show me your ways master!


The wet dream?

google eevblog #395 - world's most expensive hard drive teardown

for the  some real nice looking gold curves.



I wish it was me but it was some other guy on the internet, he used a can of the air that you use to clean out your computer with and tip it upside down for temps of i think -135f or something but im not sure.

where is the pump on that thing?

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My Enermax ETS-T40-W, when I was still using it before switching to Cooler Master's Nepton 140XL. Tek Syndicate did a review on this cooler a while back which made me giddy, LOL.


enermax in the club gettting tipsy

My M5A97 R2.0 w/ brackets for the Enermax cooler, FX 8350, and 4x 4gb modules of Hyper X 1866mhz installed.