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Well I'm sure everyone doesn't just want to see GPU and GPU cooler's sooooo

For those who don't know, this is a Dell EqualLogic. It's basically a SAN for a blade centre. It takes up the room of two standard half height blades for Dells M1000e chassis but provides 14x 2.5" HDDs/SSDs. The two center parts are for the controllers.

Guess this comes from inspiration from their own unit, the VRTx

(A datacenter in a box)

... and another random image for ya.



This must be the petite category.

i love heatsinks

interesting case, the io ports up top

I have that Case.

Apparently the NOfan pictured isn't really that great at passive cooling, not much more than a standard large heatsink but it still works.. the question is what would happen if you put a fan in the middle?

i think initially it would perform very well, but after awhile dust will accumulate on  in and it might decrease it's efficiency but i think overall it would still perform well. i mean, all that thermal mass is still at work. also a little dust isnt something a air duster cant fix.

yes that is a raspberry pi, 4.2 ghz


Can we post non computer hardware?



Could you tell me how to post an image? :]

lol. host (upload) your image somewhere. I recommend imgur.com. copy the direct url. then come here. press that picture of a tree in the reply box. paste that url in the first line click ok. reply.

Thanks! c: