Random BSOD

so about a week ago I got a random bsod after plugging in a joystick and then shaking the mouse to turn the display back on (not wake the computer from sleep). I have been trying to read the .dmp file by following this guide but I found many issues with trying to do this like not being able to find the i386 file. Anyway here is the file I guess I will just leave it to the pros unless you guys would like to tell me what I am doing wrong. It doesn't seem urgent since it hasn't happened again I am just one of those people that needs to know why everything happens. Now I am off to go do the recommended tests.

Edit1: I just remembered that after the restart of the bsod it didn't recognize any of my drives until I force restarted it again.

Edit2: I just ran all of the tests, the cpu and gpu tests showed they were fine, the hard drive test, the seagate one, gave me an invalid readopp error or something along those lines, and the memtest I let run overnight for about 8-9 hours and it had 4 passes but me being stupid didn't look at the errors before closing it. I am now going to run it again this time for about 11 hours and look at the errors this time.

Edit3: After 11 more hours of memtest I got 5 passes and 0 errors

ok when I put not serious that didn't mean I didn't want any help

Ok thx to all the help I got here I finally got the dmp file to read and it told me ntoskrnl.exe caused it Any thoughts?