Random android soft reboots while USB tethering from OnePlus 5T

So I’m stuck with 4G tethered from OnePlus 5T during summer and it’s causing me a lot of problems. Random disconnects happen, phone soft reboots from time to time, sometimes all USB ports on my PC restart for a moment. I have android logs that OnePlus asked me to send but I can’t read out anything what might be the issue from those.

I’ve tried more solutions than I’m gonna list here but here’s some of top of my mind:

  • Android USB driver / OnePlus USB driver
  • Replacing network adapter driver in Windows (solution from google)
  • Safe mode on Android
  • Different USB ports
  • Force stopped and uninstalled a lot of apps, nothing solved the issue.
  • Tried different PC

I’m desperate for a solution at this point. I beg you, if you have any information, literally any that might get me closer to end this nightmare, please let me know.