Random A** Frame Drops

i play lots of games for example bf3, blacklight retribution, and others and i play maxed out at 60 fps constantly but randomly for about 10 seconds my frames will randomly drop to 20~30, anyone have a fix?

system specs?* NVM I checked your profile..

There are loads of possibilities, do you have FRAPS running, what background processes are going on? Are you running an overclock? If you have BF3 at ULTRA settings then I can understand it going to 30 fps when there's a lot happening on screen. Blacklight is low maintenance when it comes to GPU but it is possible. Does it drop when you're standing around looking at a wall?

Basically we need more information to determine first if there's in fact a problem...

i use dxtory and it happens in every single game at random moments and it last for a about 10~30 seconds and if i pause the game it sometimes fixes it, is this a hard drive issue? happens whether im recording or not :C

Frame drops are 9 times out of 10 when a area needs to be loaded from the hardrive (spawn in areas/enemy spawns)

For example i play borderlands 2 at 80fps when i get to a new area that a lot of enemys spawn i can hear the hdd spin up and i can get a big fps drop for a second or to.

Now you can get outher things makeing it like your AV starting up or outher background apps starting up.



this hard drive is brand new and when benchmarking every minute or so the speeds goo from 144 mbps to 60 mbps, is this really the hard drive?

Its not a issue with the speed(well it is and it isent) most of the time the hdd is just ideling when your playing games when it gets to a place where it needs to find something it has to spin up and access the info its looking for makeing a fps drop.

Allso if your recording the the same disc your playing off your going to get more of a problem its allways better to record to a disk your not currently useing

but ive noticed that sometimes that i get perfect performance no issues, sometimes i have these issues and im pretty sure my 8 core 8350 is sufficient and 660 ti are good enough

As i sead before its not your video card or cpu its your harddrive that is the bottleneck giveing you frame drops when recording to the same drive you are playing off.

The same happens when just playing games you get to a spot that the game looks for something off the harddrive and it will give a drop in fps or a small pause.

Whach this video http://youtu.be/bEGDgzlc7mA