Rampage v Extreme freezing sometimes after saving bios

On occasion my board freezes after saving settings to the bios. The settings still take. I end up having to hard reset to get back up.

I've ran memtest with no errors, replaced the board, run the power supply's self test successfully, and even have a new cpu. Anyone have any idea what could be the cause?

You can boot without any issue? The system is stable under any other condition? The code on the debug display is 00, right?

If I were you I would do two test:
1) Try to save changes in the BIOS outside of the case because there might be a short somewhere maybe;

2) Put on the stock cooler if you have it. Maybe a too high clamping force of the cooler you're using slightly bends the chip and makes it act weird.

Also unplug everything and try to boot with just mobo, CPU, RAM, mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Yeah, I have no problems booting. The issue just happens every few saves to the bios.

My system is completely stable.

The code on the debug display is CE, which I believe is the code for being in the bios screen.

1) What do you mean by save changes outside of the case? Like buy some type of a bios chip adapter that lets the bios chip sit outside of the case?

2) I don't have a stock cooler, as it is a Haswell E board.

Hi, he means to take out motherboard out of your pc case and put it on a box and then try booting and saving bios settings. To check if there is a short circuit, for example an extra standoff in pc case or standoff in a wrong hole.

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There is one standoff that's blocked by my pch waterblock.

That's exactly what I was talking about.
@Zerophase It's safe to run the board without an heatsink on the PCH because it doesen't get that hot and what you'll do is just save BIOS settings and than get out. Did you try to save and exit on the bare minimum components?

I need to completely drain the loop to take the board. It's going to be a few days before I can do that.

Is your bios up to date?
Or did you do a bios update recently?

I dont know which pc caese you have but you could have a look at the back of motherboard tray and count standoffs and note their placement and check if it matches the holes on motherboard .I know that you wouldnt like to refill the loop as its a major pita ,Rampage has two bioses, does it happen with both ?

I updated the bios once I finished installing the board. I'll try clearing cmos. Maybe, some of the old bios settings are still left over.

Yeah, switching to the second bios would be a good way of checking. I didn't update that bios, if it still works I'm most likely not experiencing a short.

Think the issue is fixed by slamming the cmos reset button, updating to the broadwell E bios, and slamming the cmos button again.