Rampage IV Formula problems

It's probably nothing, but occasionally Asus's AI Suite will throw an alarm saying either a voltage (+3.3, +5, +12, or vcore) has dropped significantly or the motherboard temperature will read 0c. By the time I open the AI Suite monitor, whatever the alarm was for has cleared up. I'm thinking that if any of those voltages really had dropped as low as it was showing (all the way to 0 volts sometimes) that my system would have some sort of nuclear type meltdown.

I've already updated the bios and am running the latest AI suite, and it didn't make a difference. 

What I'm really worried about is this being a foreshadowing of a future motherboard failure. Should I start saving for a new motherboard? Or is it nothing to worry about? Any other thoughts or ideas as to what could be causing it

Change the version of the AI suite. It may have some bugs

I'm currently running the latest version. I only updated when I started having trouble. 

I was having the same issue with my Maximus V Formula. Several people on this forum said that AI Suite is inaccurate as a monitoring software. I was getting weird voltages left right and center, plus weird CPU and chipset temps. I tried a couple of the freeware monitoring options, but since those all get their readings from the same place as AI Suite, there wasn't much difference between them. I ended up parting out that build and never got the problem resolved.