RAM Voltage

Hi all.

I have a question that has been bothering me for the longest time. So I have a kit of 2x4GB of RAM around that was given to me, but it says it is 1.65v. Every time I ask if it is safe I get a 50/50 splint in answeres... so basicly what is the difference? Can it dammage my other parts?

Thanks for your time.

You're fine - unlikely they will damage anything. They can probably run perfectly well at 1.5V, anyway. What speed are they?

They are Patriot Memory Division 2 Viper Xtreme DDR3 1600Mhz.

Would i need to mess with the bios to lower the voltage? Because i've never done something like that

I don't see any problems with that ram.  Usually it's just plug and play.  You can try loading the defaults for the RAM if anything's wrong, which is quite unlikely.

Thanks for the answere. I was just worried because I asked the same questin a while ago on some other forum and people started freaking out saying that was above what intel recomended and it was going to fry my cpu.

Yeah.... No.  Your CPU and RAM have different voltage settings.  My old machine had DDR2 ram that ran at 2.1v and a CPU that was around 1.2v.  They're independent if we're talking about voltage.