Ram to VRam

So, I have an AMD E2-3000m in my laptop and as it is an APU it uses my ram for my graphics.

I know that 512mb of my ram is being used but I would like to change that to 1Gb just to see if there are any performance increases ( I have looked around and most people dont see any improvement but some do and i would like to see if i do)

When in my BIOS I do not have a uma buffer size or igpu buffer size, so i would like to know if there were any way to do this not in the BIOS or if there are any 3rd party programs that i can do it with.

On my old desktop you could set the VRAM in the BIOS but it was restricted to a maximum of 128MB, In other words it was manufacture lock.

As for if some software could unlock that i would be very interested in that myself too.  

it is not worth it....the hardware can't handle that much data transfer between parts at the same time.