RAM timings

What RAM timings are better? I need to choose between the Corsair Dominator Pro and the G-Skill Ripjaw Z ram.

My processor is the i7-4770.

Corsair Dominator Pro - 9-9-9-24

G Skill Ripjaw Z - 10-12-12-31


lower timings are better - but what speed are the chips?

The Corsair is 1600Mhz and the G Skill is 2400Mhz. My motherboard is H87 so no good overclocking with the RAM. (Only 1600.)

But my workmates are selling the RAM to me. One is selling the Corsair for more than the G Skill so G Skill is cheaper.

Gskill at that RAM speed and those timings is faster than CL9 1600. The 2400 MHz GSkill also has far greater bandwidth than the 1600 MHz Dominator RAM.

Go with the 2400. 

I was testing ram. I ran my ram at 1866 at 2T-8-9-9-24, and then at 1600 1T-7-7-7-21, and the 1866 was way faster.

The problem is that my motherboard is using the H87 chipset so overclocking choices lower down compared to Z87. It says the speed for the mobo is 1600Mhz and I'm not sure if it can be overclocked as I like automatic styled clock speeds anyway.