RAM Testing Hardware

Hi guys and girls

I need some herp to find a peice of hardware that will operate externally to test RAM modules. I have a large volume to test of various formats. This is not something I can do with a standard desktop or laptop since I will be testing everything from DDR3 (desktop and server), DDR2 (server) and some Sun modules.

I have found a unit that will test one at a time with an interchangable socket for alternating between formats. I would prefer to get something that will do a couple modules at the same time.

Also I am in the UK so shipping here must also be considered.

Many thanks!

This actually used to be my job, but we simply had multiple motherboards for different modules that we swapped onto two prebuilt testbed stations. For SODIMM we just had laptops without screens or HDDs, running Memtest+ off a live CD. I could test at least 70 DIMMs in a day with tests 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9 taking about 15 minutes to complete. They are really all that's required for stability testing.

I can't help with finding purpose built hardware. I've never seen a dedicated RAM test array.

Thanks for your reply, we have discussed a setup similar to your suggestion, but with time and space being the main issue, to run several boards and PSUs and something like memtest wouldn't be viable. We have seen a box that will test single sticks and around 30 seconds each stick, only downside is that it is one at a time. We were hoping someone might have seen a multiple slot array.

I have never seen one that will do more than 1 stick at a time. Modulus that do both ddr 2 and ddr3 are rare too but they do exist. the stand alone units are faster than the rig described by @Fouquin but it will work just fine. plus with those you def want to do multiple passes taking longer than he described if its going to be used for anything mission critical.

So far this is the main option I've found

It's a single module test kit with adaptor to switch from DDR2 to DDR3