RAM speeds

Been confused a bit by others advice and no clear answers I have found yet.

Does RAM with a sandy bridge CPU have a maxinum native speed of 1600MHz and then can be OC higher than that. And then RAM with ivy bridge have a max native speed of 2133 and then OC to a max of 2800? Someone is trying to tell me it's all 1600 and any numbers above that are from overclocking. But I don't believe him.

Depends on the chip. 

i5 and i7 Sandy Bridge max native support is 1333MHz

i7 Sandy Bridge-E max native is 1600MHZ

i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge Nativley support 1600MHZ memory

All the other speeds are from overclocking, so your informe is correct. Don't believe me, look at the Intel ARK

- zanginator