RAM speeds supporter by CPU

Hi. So uh… I went through the specifications of my CPU, which is i5 8600. It says “Memory types: DDR4-2666”. Does it mean it’s the absolute highest clock speed I can go with?

I have 3000MHz sticks since they were sold for the same price as 2400 ones and I don’t know if I should try pushing them past the 2666MHz now.

That’s what JEDEC has validated the integrated memory controller on those Intel CPUs.
But you can use faster memory if you’re on a board that supports memory overclocking. The XMP profiles are a combination of settings the RAM manufacturer has tested that SHOULD work. Or, at least, the memory chips are capable of those speeds and access rate.

Point is: everything past the JEDEC standard is considered overclock so it’s not guaranteed to work. But it has become reliable on the Intel platform so if you buy a higher speed kit that’s supported by your motherboard it will probably work without any problem.
Going for even faster RAM speeds makes the compatibility less and less probable.

It works perfectly fine actually in my case. Thanks!

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You’re welcome!