RAM spat out of TrueNAS, but MemTest said all ok?

Hey all,

God it’s hot!

Anyway, weird situation (to me at least), I had 128GB of ECC RAM I had slowly bought over 2 years (brand new from big retailer). I finally populate the board and then a month later, TrueNAS throws up RAM concerns during a replication.

I run MemTest non-stop for 6 days and nothing shows up, so I just pulled out most and left 32GB remaining, which made me a bit sad but at least the errors stopped.

I’d like to re-introduce the RAM, but wonder what I should do. I’ll post warnings when at a computer, but I’d be keen to have you, the reader, thoughts on it.


TrueNAS always reports on MCE errors. Maybe your board/memory controller doesn’t like the amount of sticks at the speed they are running. I had this problem with my memory and had to lower speeds to 2666MT/s to solve it.


compare all the sticks of ram.
are they all single sided or double sided?.

im assuming you bought the same make and model at different times?
if so you may have a selection of single and dual sided dims.
if this is the case then pair the singles up and the doubles.
which ever has the greatest amount of pairs, use them sticks.


Well isn’t that rude of TrueNAS! :slight_smile: Hmm, very fair point there, thank you very much. They’re set to run at 2133 from memory, though I will check what they’re running at throttle them down if needs be :+1:

Good question, I’ll have to check them out for that, I am certainly they are identical, whatever they may be. I’ll get to counting them, cheers! :+1: