RAM: rg 2133 "Radeon Gaming ram"... WHERE !?

(Its not really a CPU question but the RAM is pretty close)

I'm sure that youve seen it arround, AMD entered the RAM market not so long ago. 155$ for 4x4 GB RAM with sweet timings (if i recall correctly)

Don't know about you guys, but I wouldnt call that a lame offer.

I want it. I got one big problem. I do not live in the USA.

I'm Sorry; I Am not. That I wish to be, might be another question. But basicly, I just want that RAM.

Do any of you know where to get it in the EU (I'm from belgium, but yeah; EU = EU..) ????

newegg doesnt ship outside US. :'(


As Nick_Fury has linked, NCIX now ship internationally. Bear in mind you will be charged import tax (21% of item value) and aditional duty tax if the cost exceeds €150 (not including shipping)

I would personally save yourself and get something like Corsair Vengance RAM.

Or patriot RAM seeing as they make it for AMD