RAM question

how can i figure out exactly what ram i have (timmings, frequency, latency, ect.) without taking the computer apart

it's a laptop and the populated slot is absolutly burried, i don't think you can get to it without dissasembling the entire computer

i want to get identical ram to minimize instability as i'm trying (albiet not that hard at the moment) to hackintosh it

Just use Everest, do a hardware report on it, and it will have everything you need to know.

that got me frequency (which i already knew) but i still need latency and timmings

look in the bios


crucial will match compatable ram via their web page. great tool for sales for them but their ram is reliable

cpu-z is the easist method to find out almost all your hardware.

Just use cpu-z it will show you all the info you need to know 


i dont have a fancy bios, theres little to no information

i checked memtest and i'm getting some strange readings

i need to recheck cpuz (i though i did that but i'm not sure now)

cpu-z got it (i cant believe i forgot to try that)

i think now that i have the part number i'm just going to buy an identical stick