RAM Question : 3000 vs 3200

I built a new system for gaming and video creation. Basics are Asus Z170-AR mobo: i7 6700k @ 4.6oc: G skill 16g 3000 15cl M2 drive, 1070 G1 gaming.
My question is this. Would you consider an extra $28 to upgrade the 3000 15cl to 3200 14cl worth it? Thanks!

lol no


No there's no real world difference


Not really. Unless you were doing science shit you would do ok with 2600 and even ddr3 is still fine for modern tasks there really isn't a need to do all that fancy speed of light ram.

Take those 28 dollars and buy an LED strip, an extra fan or something else useful. Because those 200MHz on the RAM are wasted money.


It looks like the no's have it! I will keep the 3000 in there and be happy with it!
I appreciate the opinions and very fast responses!

I agree with @CrossCarbon - spend that $28 on an extra fan or two for a cpu cooler or better case air flow - or a game code on G2a

it really depends on how much of the workloads get really stacked in ram.
3200mhz with cas14 is of course nice if you do allot of ram demending stuff.
higher bandwidth and less latency.
But for most workloads you will not really gonne notice much of a diffrence.

still rocking 1600 ddr3
No issue's at all

I think it's an unnecessary waste of money. What really matters for video creation is the amount of RAM and not really the speed. I think the difference between those two configuration is into margin of error of any benchmark. You might even be able to lower the timings on that 3GHz CL15 kit.