RAM Problems

Windows is telling me that I have 8GB of ram but it says that only 3.96GB is usable. To top it off, my motherboard reads 8GB as well but is running in single channel memory mode. What should I do to be able to use all 8GB?


As a side note, my ram is running at 1600mhz instead of its standard 2133mhz. What do I do in the BIOS to fix that?


1. Sounds like a 32 bit version of windows?

2.Should be an option in BIOS to enable dual channel, but before you do that is that a single RAM stick?

To change your speed, look for an XMP profile option if you are using Intel, not sure what AMD labels it as.

I am using an AMD CPU and I am running 64-bit windows. I am using two ram sticks as well.

Make sure you have the ram in the right slots. Usually this is the same colour slot, but double check and have a look at a diagram of your motherboard and make sure they are both in the same channel.

I checked and they are in the correct slots for my motherboard.

I have discovered that one of my RAN sticks was not seating properly and now works fine. Thank you all for your support!

lmao. Gotta love the easy fixes. Good to hear it is working.