RAM Prices



Sorry if this has been tackled before, It seems I am too dense to find the searchbox on this site. lol No, really, where is it?

anyway, so i saw this very sexy Star Citiizen footage and an instant craving for riding my very own Ebon Hawk came over me. So I looked at hardware specs and prices and was like ... what THE HELL.


What happened to RAM prices, I mean I knew that they exploded when a factory or two got washed away in teh Tsunami in the LAST DECADE.

Ohh God have these numbers stabilised at this level.. for like forever.. what is happening? Could somebody please explain this to me like i am 5?


Have you tried to google that topic? There are some articles showing why the price for memory has been rising - despite the tsunami incident.

Fire at Hynix -> http://www.extremetech.com/computing/166775-ram-pricewatch-memory-spikes-in-wake-of-hynix-fire-but-for-how-long

Chip shortage -> http://www.gamersnexus.net/industry/1557-why-are-ram-prices-so-high


Cool, thanks guys, both of you

I am still bebuffled by the lack of expanded capacity.

I don't know for sure how and with what expenses could these wafers be repurposed for other products but - provided that the volume isn't artifically being restricted via a cartel agreement of the three mannufacturers, it would be in their best interest to take advantage of quadrupled prices and expand production capacity.

I bet there are people out there with actual numbers of the global capacity available. Now that i think of it, probably the new consoles are most likely eating into the short supply as well. I mean, prev genes ate such a  tiny amount of RAM (256) that the demand for which was probably satisfiable only using "leftover" machinery.

Probably. God, I would kill to see what could be in an industry insider's file.

Real question is, will we see some nice Black Friday/Cyber Monday DDR3 RAM deals..? For my APU, I hope yes.

Some it has to do to DDR4 many fans now need to allocates space for the new standard.

Prices haven't gone down since 2011 Thailand flooding of Hard Drive assembly plants? Don't ask me why it related to RAM.

Get 16GB at 80-100 dollars, I wouldn't buy them unless are that price or less. 

Ya I remember I was thinking about upgrading to 16gb of ram.  I saw that factory had burned down online and I bought a 2x8gb kit that day for $100.  Not too long after the same kit was $150 lol.  Before I bought this though I got a 2x4gb kit for $45 and after the factory burned down it was $80.  

Seen 1600mhz ram in configs of 2x4gb for as low as 50 bucks. For computer parts this black friday is looking much better than last years which was just sad.