RAM Prices?

Just wondering if anyone has some info on why RAM is so expensive right now? I have 8GB was looking at getting another kit, but the prices are absurd. I bought this kit about this time last year for $42.94 and now its $96? Same with this kit that I put in my brothers machine, bought it for $40 and now its $85

Did someone lose a factory or something?

A Hynix factory burnt down not too long ago, I noticed RAM prices go up after that.

I heard that in fact, two of the major RAM factories burned down.

you bought when ram prices were ridiculously low, and then they went up to around reasonable, then factory go boom

haha, i bought a memory kit too when i heard that the hynix factory burned down. saved myself 20 bucks :p

The price went up when the factory burned down and now I heard that manufactures are just keeping it high...