Ram overclocking

I have 2 sticks of 4gb corsair vengeance ram at 1600mhz, i want to overclock to 1866 or higher however my ram is marketed as 1600mhz, is it possible to go over this? last time when i did this (after enabling xmp) my computer would get to windows loading and crash, sometimes i could get on my desktop but whenever i booted anything it was a bit eh weird, was there something i did wrong? Im fairly certain i pushed the voltage up enough (if not, can someone tell me what coltage i should use for different hertz?) or do i have to change the latencys?

Thankyou for any replys

Ps: please dont tell me that its not worth it becuase there will only be a slight increase in performance, even a slight increase is good ;) Also i play some minecraft every once in a while, ram does wonders for minecraft.


i5 3570k @ 4.2 Ghz

asus p8z77-v

80+ single rail 750w psu


What do you think overclocking is? Of course you can go over the 1600mHz, but how high is not exact. Simply raise the voltage a tiny bit (not whole volts, starting with hundredths or thousandths) and slowly increasing your frequency until it is unstable, then go down until you are satisfied with the speed, and your system is stable again. Google tutorials for more in depth details.




To check for stability make sure you run prime 95 on custom settings and set the min and max FFT properly to get the proper amount of RAM usage when running the test. out of your 4GBs it should be at least be using 90%. Just make sure when you check it go to your task manager to see your RAM usage.