Ram overclocking

I was just wondering, my asus p8z77-v motherboard supports ram speeds far abover what socket 1155  processors support, why is this? i almost broke my computer overclocking my ram from 1600mhz to 1800 and something hz (i forget sorry). so why does my motherboard support ram this high? my 3570k (Overclocked to 4.2ghz) only supports 1333 and 1600mhz, is there a way to make it compatiable with higher ram speeds?

thanks for any answers

I have no idea, i dont even see why people need ram speeds that high. Since ram speeds barely effects the speed of the computer

If the CPU doesn't support a higher RAM frequency, it never will. I doubt you would see any increase in performance from 1600-1800MHz anyway.

Actually, if you increase your CPU's frequency should be able to keep up with the RAM, or so I understand. Not that there will be much increase in the performance, apart from very limited applications (I think CPU-mediated rendering could use the increase in RAM speeds, but nothing else I can think of), so you won't need to push things that far.

I know that many overclockers would get 2100MHz RAM sticks and push them all the way up there when they overclock their Intel CPUs (which, formally, support 1600 at the very most) to 4.6GHz.

Okay reasons why the motherboard supports Memory freqeuncies that high,

  • media editing and other memory intensive applcations benifit greatly from ram that fast
  • you won't be able to OC that much unless you have ram that is known to do so, even then only if you're lucky
  • they sell ram rated for 1866, 2133, 2400, the reason it said "O.C." on newegg for 1866 ram and up does not mean you can OC your ram to that but it OCs the Memory controller to handle that
  • intel formally supports 1600 ram just like they formally support running a 3570K at stock setting